Butterflies @ Siruseri @ Chennai

                    Its 10 o clock in the morning.Carlos from Uruguay meets me at SIPCOT, Siruseri,Chennai and hands over a challenge to me..
                      I have flown seven butterflies at SIPCOT. Those beautiful butterflies are resting inside.If you can spot them and count to seven i will give you a gift.Call me when you make it.I am waiting at the entrance.Are you ready?
                      I had just arrived at SIPCOT with Chennai's heat already pricking my thin body.I accept Carlos's challenge and enter the campus.
                     A giant triceratops dinosaur stands in the middle with its alarming tail and legs.I call up Carlos.

Me:Carlos, you asked me to spot butterflies.There is a dinosaur here!I am scared.
Carlos: Buddy its not a dinosaur! Wake up from your imagination.Its just a steel body called 'Central Spine' .It is a roof man! for people movement underneath.
Me: Oh yeah! I just got blown up.Beautiful Carlos! And seems there is a pool being under construction under this giant roof.
Carlos: Yes buddy there is much more!

                    I hung up and moved on.I see six blocks of buildings, three on the left of the dinosaur and three on the right and each block in turn divided into north and south wings with a central cylindrical block in between.Everything is curvaceous about these buildings.I feel overwhelmed about its beauty but the challenge still lingers on my mind.I call up Carlos.

Me: Carlos! I am not able to see even a single butterfly here.By the way these buildings are beautiful.Do you know anything about them?
Carlos:Yes man! they are beautiful!You know each block is built in step architecture, the same as Indian temples, with each succeeding floor smaller than the one beneath.They look more beautiful at night with transparent glass walls and lights.
Me :Oh ! Great!! I am enjoying it.I will carry on looking for those butterflies.

          (A single block with two wings- north and south- joined in between at the elevator- also covered with roofs
                                                                                              (Side view)

                                            I hung up again and moved on.I notice so many trees and plants on the pathways and on the entrances.And more than that I am awestruck by the plants placed on the cylindrical block between the two wings in each engineering block.I tried my best to spot a butterfly in those trees and plants but could not, for they were so much in count.I call up Carlos.
Me: Carlos! Did u happen to see this? There are decorative plants arranged in concentric circles on top of the giant cylindrical block,the one between the two wings in each engineering block.
Carlos: Yeah! I have seen them.Did you notice? There is only one plant type in each circle. And there are 146 types of trees here. Incredible and aesthetic isnt it?
Me: Yeah of course!Incredible.. But i couldn't find any butterfly yet.I am just loosing myself here.
Carlos: Its ok! Carry on your pursuit.You will make it!

                                  I hung up again and moved on.I feel hungry after an exhaustive search for butterflies.I feel like having some snacks and look for a canteen.There is Saravana Bhavan here in addition to ABFC,Ratna Cafe and few others.These canteens are built in inverted cone structure adding to the aesthetics of the campus.I go inside Saravana Bhavan and have food.I should say saravana bhavan food is quite tasty and costly.I enjoy pure South Indian food after a long time and come out with my heart and stomach full.I feel like having a walk around the buildings and notice a beautiful work of sculpture.
                                    After having a walk around the buildings i feel like sitting down and rest for some time.I go inside one of the engineering blocks and find a sitting place.I relax and find it cool thought it's quite hot outside the campus.I call up Carlos.

Me:Carlos,I haven't found any butterflies yet.And an interesting thing. Its quite cool here though hot outside.Why don't you come inside?
Carlos: Yeah..The buildings are designed in such a way that there is natural ventilation inside.That's why.I shall come inside.Just tell me if you are giving up the challenge??
Me: Yes Carlos! I cant.I am giving up.These buildings are too big,I cant just keep searching for small butterflies.Come inside and please show them to me.

                                  Carlos came in and after giving me a pat, said, 
Buddy! you 've got to enlarge your vision.I shall give you a clue and you should be able to find it then.

He took his android mobile and opened google maps app.He typed 'TCS Siruseri,Chennai' and showed it to me.

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                                Can you spot them now?? 
 I paused.Wondered and counted.
P.S : Carlos,Uruguay is the designer of this office. 
Full Design & Video:



Parameshwar Ramanan said...

Nice! Rather than normal descriptive approach, the choice to narrate it in a kind of Q&A is quite impressive!! :)

Arumugam said...

Hey Vijay... The way you had narrated is too good & interesting...

vijay srj said...

@Paramesh: Thanks Paramesh.First i thought of a normal approach only..then thought of adding something creative and chose this :)
@Arumugam: Thanks Arumugam..:)

Shouvik Basu said...

Amazing vijay, keep posting about chennai

vijay srj said...

thanks shouvik...i will..


Hello Sir,
Eppo chennai Vantheenga?!
Paasamigu Tamilnadu ungalai anbudan varavaerkirathu!!!!

vijay srj said...

@Rojesh..nantri nanbare..2-3 weeks achu..

Prabhu M said...

Sooper Vijay ... When i was there i could see only 4 butterflies :) 3 blocks were under construction.Hope we can expect many posts abt our 'Thala'i Nagaram - Chennai :).

vijay srj said...

@Prabhu: nantri nanbane :) still construction is going on for building chennai s largest tower and few more..i ll definitely blog about chennai :)

AbhiDilliwal said...

massive huge words are less to describe the giant

Vijay said...

yes buddy..you are right..