Adieu Bombay


Soon to be ex-mumbaikar,



Hey Bombay,
                  Keise ho thum? Hope things are fine.I am leaving mumbai.Just wanted to write to you before leaving...

                  I dont want to waste your time with long flashback stories.I know you are a busy guy.Just a short and quick letter.

                  You know it was tough surviving with you not knowing hindi but i enjoyed the little adventure...Arrey i even used google images yaar, to explain a shopwala while buying tamarind.
'Imli' he told me...But hindi is not really needed if you have google translator and stuff with you...what say??

                  Hmmm..Hindi is ok.But i cant really bear the traffic and crowd.Mumbaikars are so used to it that we take it for granted.You are really crowded yaar..Everywhere it is a public gathering.Traffic is stressful.And local trains? Should i tell you about that? Jampacked high dense human carrying machine it is.Terrorism is not really a threat re.This local trains are.Just find some more trains or do something i dont know..

                  And about this real estate.Kithna ghar i will keep hopping yaar.I lived in 6 houses in 3 years and i know i am not alone.And rent is too high re.There are too many high rise flats with you, looking like a human zoo.Humans are not supposed to live in cages yaar.I want to live in a grounded house with pets and a small garden if possible.This flat doesnt suit me.

                  These malls are omnipresent.That is cool.I am not a party guy but i love hanging around in malls mostly at the book store and ofcourse add to that oogling.You have hot girls yaar.Beautiful.God is great.Bahoth miss karoonga.
                  And dude dont worry about this terrorists much.They attacked twice during my time.They are like that only.You carry on your work..

                  Hmmm you are a money making machine.And you make a lot in bollywood i guess.You know, in South India they have to screen a movie for atleast 50 days to earn good profit.You do it just in one week buddy.Quite a big fan base man...This Hrithik Roshan is incredibly handsome dude...And hot actressess too..
                  And what very good north indian friends yaar.I will miss them definitely.'ll miss interacting with people from various cultures.

Bye re.Keep in touch.



Premnath said...

Abey kya yaar .. Only one line about Mumbai gals ... Congrats & gud luck.

Sujeet Srivastava said...

Kamal kar diya tune to as usual :)
ATB buddy..Keep in touch

vijay srj said...

@Premnath: Parishan math karo bhai..i will explain you in detail :P..thank you..
@Sujeet:Thanks Sujeet..Sure we will be in touch with through TIN ppl group :)

partha said...

Bro, Looks like u had a nice time in mumbai... What prompted the change and where are u relocating to.

vijay srj said...

hey just getting transfer to chennai..just want to come to south now..

Abhishek Dilliwal said...

Wish all success ahead buddy!.. ;)

vijay srj said...

thanks buddy :) will miss you man..

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