KO - Can have a go..

The Story:
                          The movie starts with photo flicks running during name-screening.Just when i thought the director didnt have anything else to display for name-screening , the protagonist comes up with a camera and shoots a bank robbery escapade.The protagonist Jeeva is a press photographer.The robbers find him shooting them and chase him when he is blocked by the female leading role Karthika nair mistaking him for a robber.With the help of public she attacks him.The robbers snatch his camera and flee away unaware of jeeva having removed the memory card and kept it safe.Finally police come in and before they make an assault Jeeva manages to explain the truth.Police catches the robbers except the gang leader.Jeeva is applauded by media and the CM Prakash raj.
                        On returning to his office jeeva finds the female lead having joined as a new employee.Piya is also a fellow employee working in the office adding some spice to the movie.She is in puppy love with jeeva and adds humor.
                        Karthika reveals a story to her editor about opposition party's leader planning to marry a 13 year old girl as suggested by a mandiravadi.The news is published evoking the leader's anger followed by his threatening at the press,making the evidence turn against the press and finally asks them to ask for a public apology in the next day news.
                        In the mean time jeeva traces the place of wedding that night and flicks his camera again thereby bringing the opposition party leader down.With the opposition party leader down , the action now moves to the current party leader.He flicks him beating a press reporter...
                        In parallel to the above story, Ajmal, an activist gathers support for his political party 'Siragugal' but finds no support for his 'honest' proposals.On one such rally Ajmal is being beaten by ruling party supporters ,again catching the lens of jeeva.It brings the ruling party down..
                        With both the ruling party and the opposition party down, now 'Siragugal' party starts to gain popularity with their public acts like saving families caught in hut fire and giving free medical treatment to the needy.On a big gathering of the sirugagal election rally, a bomb explodes killing many of the party members except the leader ajmal.Jeeva having got a messsage from piya one minute before the explosion manages to save ajmal from the explosion.Piya dies in the stampede.
                        With a twist in the tail , karthika finds out that jeeva and ajmal are college friends and belong to the same political party 'Siragugal' and accuses him of helping his friend ajmal gain power by bringing down the other political parties through his photo flicks. Jeeva convinces her.
                         On analysing the bomb blast(through a video of the press), jeeva finds the person(a naxalite) involved in the bank robbery involved in the blast too and also finds him killing Piya by stamping her.In the mean time , Ajmal becomes chief minister(he initially refuses to stand in election having seen his party members die before his very eyes but is later persuaded by jeeva and others).Ajmal offers public apology to naxalites in jail and offers to release them.Jeeva having found a naxalite involved in the bomb blast rushes to the CM office to intimate Ajmal and ironically finds the robbery leader involved in a discussion with the chief minister.As jeeva tries in desperation to convince Ajmal to take action on him, Ajmal avoids him on reason of an urgent meeting.
                          As a twist in the tail,  the naxalite leader then calls Ajmal and asks for money and discusses about further demands for their group.Ajmal promises them and asks them to come to a location.Jeeva follows the naxalite as they reach the location.In the mean time Ajmal asks the police to kill the naxalites informing them about their gathering.As another twist in the tail it is later revealed that Ajmal himself is a naxalite of the same group and became a chief minister to help his group.He had also planned the bomb blast cleverly.But on fear of getting caught he had ordered to kill his fellow naxalites.The naxalites catch public people as hostage.The chief minister himself decides to go to the location and has discussion with the naxalite leader.He tries to brainwash him and kill jeeva(who is also stuck in the place with naxalites and gets all information from the naxalite leader who is shot in the chest, by giving him a drug injection, through the help of a doctor in nearby clinic).The naxalite feels betrayed again by Ajmal and chooses to kill him rather,later getting himself killed.Jeeva attacks Ajmal trying to kill him while Ajmal tries to brainwash him saying that killing him would destroy the entire 'Siragugal' team and their ambitions (the other party members are innocent and had joined 'Siragugal' for a honest cause).Jeeva keeps fighting and Ajmal finally dies...
                      While conversing with the naxalite leader , jeeva had captured the video and sent it to Karthika through his mobile (live streaming).Karthika had prepared a story revealing the true face of Ajmal as suggested by Jeeva to be published in the next day news.Jeeva later realises that this would destroy the ambitions of 'Siragugal' team and hence asks her to kill the story and hail Ajmal as a martyr who died in the rescue mission of the public..
And thereby ends the story..

                      A creative story,beautiful scenic songs,nice screenplay,good characterization and good artwork.For KO, i would suggest you can have a go...

Birds in Blue

           With the Men in Blue having lifted the world cup, some romantic stuff with the Birds in Blue to calm down the excitement....

                                           Our house is home to pigeon stuff like pigeons, pigeon shit, pigeon eggs and pigeon noise.They are building a generation here laying two eggs at a time, hatching them, feeding the chicks,letting them find another mate and continue their parambariam (generation) .I managed to make some flicks and compile them to generate a story in reverse chronology...


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