"If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you’ll most certainly be right."
-Jobs re-quote

                        Certainly he was right yesterday.A creative unorthodox genius ,Jobs has been an inspiration for me and millions around the globe.That he has changed the way we look at life and created an iCulture is no exaggeration.The first time i encountered his persona was when i heard his speech at Stanford which ran across our hostel computers during my college days.Ever since then he has become one of my favorite personalities.
                        He started the personal computing revolution, made us watch animation movies, revolutionized the way we hear music, enhanced our touch experience with mobiles, removed all side-fittings from personal computer and gave us the iPad and thereby created a culture of his own.
                        Being creative is a very tough job,given that you are against all norms(he was considered an erratic manager),you make mistakes,you loose your identity(he came to India for spiritual awakening),you might be considered insane and somehow you need to just follow your heart even if it is illogical and leads you in danger(he got fired from his own company). Jobs chose the tough job and has done a great job indeed.
                        I guess his death is not an event to lament, as everyone has to die one day(in his own words) and he has lived a much fulfilling life in addition to influencing all our lives.

Jobs , Your job's done.


Chintan Gupta said...

World will never be the same again.


Vijay said...

@chintan Gupta- thanks for your comments..yeah he made a big impact..

Shouvik Basu said...


Lekshmi said...

Stay hungry.. stay foolish!

Vijay said...

@Lekshmi: Yeah ..

Premnath said...

Follow your heart.. The worst that can happen is you fail & people mock at you ... unarguably a great legend ...RIp

Vijay said...

@Prem yeah he is legendary...thnks for sharing..