The TIN ppl

Long long ago:         
      I had just finished a presentation of my code review with my technical architect and was sitting at my desk staring at my computer, contemplating the changes to be done(yeah remember the old saying 'The only constant in software world is change').

  "Hey Vijay we have an urgent requirement at one of our client projects.We are sending three ppl from our project on a temporary deputation to our client site " my PM came at my desk and whispered.He had a paper in his hand with the contact no of my future PM which he handed over to me...

Next day to long long ago:
       I reached parel station,walked under the bridge nearby,crossed the flyover and entered my client site.Flip your pan card and you will get the address.I met my then PL,had a micro interview and was taken into the project not temporarily as suggested by my ex-PM, but for nearly 2 more years to come.And thereby began my association with TIN,Tax Information Network.And there I met the TIN ppl whom i shall introduce now...

The Security ppl:
        Critics say that they don't have much work(No pun intended).But still they are the bodyguard of TIN .'Authentication server' and 'C++' are their tools.Meet Abhishek Tiwari and Hirak ..
Will Abhishek Tiwari propose the girl?
Will Baba Ramdev end his fast?
Nobody knows..

The Master ppl:
                         If security team is the body guard , masters are the 'Interface of TIN' to the customers.Their mobiles drain out of battery at times due to continuous bombardment of calls from client(this happened to me and Manu, the master of masters on a holiday due to a critical production issue).Call center and BPO ppl envy their skills of handling telephone calls.Production issues are breakfast and lunch for them.
Here they are..

                          Manu is the undisputed champion of masters.Wonder if he still says 'Muje release chahiye' by habit to his professors at US.Many ppl were involved in masters during my 2 years of tenure and a few of those are there above.I got a close friend in Arun and a lunch partner cum friend  in Vishwas in this module.

The TDS ppl:
                        TDS as the name suggests is a tedious module.They play with database queries and stored procedures.And for taking rest from work,they play with Shubankar, my good friend who gave me three advises while i was leaving TIN:
                       Never go after girls
                       Dont compromise with greatness
                       Wherever you are, be yourself
                        Like Gandhiji promised his mother before moving out of India for his higher studies, i promise you that i will never go after girls, will not compromise with greatness, and wherever i am , i will be myself.You are fun to be with, Shubankar Paul.
Btw, meet the TDS ppl..
                                    Vikas besides being a techie guy , is also my tea partner.Sourabh was my first module lead in TIN..
The Oltas ppl:
                                   If TDS is the right hand of TIN, Oltas is the left hand. Shouvik Basu, the technical pillar of TIN is also a  fan of my blog and a good friend .I have had good times with him and Kiran.
Here they are..
The AIR ppl:
                          If you scratch your head bewildered wondering what AIR is, it is Annual Information Returns.Suraj is the first AIR person to my knowledge.He is no more in AIR though, left by air to USA.Ganesh is believed to have escaped four thieves in a Bollywood stunt while returning from a treat with few of TIN ppl.Gopal still seems to have an eye on the lady statues that i had kept at my desk.Here they are..

The TAN PAN ppl:
                                 Sujeet had a crush on me.Amit G is believed to have invented 3G.Vivek can also be called Bibek.Arumugam is from my home town and Sanjib , what to say??,hmmm..., is not from my home town.
The Booking ppl:
                                 DB2 is scared of them.The swiftness with which they write complicated queries and stored procedures makes servers cry.They are the backbone of TIN.Prabu, my room mate is incredibly hard working and talented and Divya with his vast experience and expertise makes 'Anything like Nothing'
Here they are..

The Sam ppl:
                               They stay still at our client site.Sreenish of SAM is very friendly and nice, and he too flew to The United Kingdom ..

So they are the TIN ppl who made my days at TIN pleasantful....

Apart from them,TIN also gave me quite a number of good and bad experiences..

Its Monday Again
One Day@Call Centre
Three point someone
The Fly Over
Miss Bombay

Those 2 years were good indeed..

Bye & Thank you,

Masters&TDS team


Shouvik Basu said...

ok cool vijay, thats really cool

Vijay said...

thank u shouvik thank u

SreEn ! s[-] said...

wow..i loved the way...u framed the whole story...!! awesome...u do hav a craetivity in u dude..!! and...hehe...thnks fr SAM..! :) its an honour to b associatd wth u..!! Cheers!! :)

sanjib said...

so true and so genuine mate...i was completely awestruck by seeing your work..let more of ths come out!!

Vijay said...

thanks sreenish...ur comments boost me :)...its an honour for me too to have been associated with you all :)

Vijay said...

thanks sanjib :)...yeah right from my left...i will definitely blog more...keep visiting :)

abhishek said...

Hey nice 1 bro.....u have a gr8 f luck dude n yea thanks!!!

Vijay said...

thanks a lot abhishek ...i am confused which abhishek is this????...

Sudharsan said...

Nice compilation of a 2 year journey! Like the collage very much.


Vijay said...

thanks sudharson..cheers to u too:)

AbhiDilliwal said...

aha great compilation and superb work!

Vijay said...

thanks man ..

AbhiDilliwal said...

Nice template buddy... though I saw this post but was curious of no new post :|

Vijay said...

thanks buddy...i will update soon :)