The Bucket List - 2011

                        Can life be designed?Can it be lived the way one wants it to be?.Probably not.Probably yes.Ok the probability is 0.5.With this probability theory in hand i am experimenting the following in 2011.This is my bucket list for 2011.I have selected 16 of my wishes and put it in the above bucket.These are just my wishes and not my goals.I shall try it for fun but not with grit determination.I shall check it out once i am done with it.If everything remains unchecked at the end of the year it should be no surprise.But still, here they are:

See the Taj Mahal
Write atleast one chapter of my novel
Develop a software tool
Visit the United States of America
Develop six packs
Start rebuilding our family house
Have a conversation in hindi
Put on 5 kilos
Make a short video
Play a T20 or a T10 game
Cook a meal
See my close friend Richard achieve his dream
Create a painting
Learn guitar
Learn swimming
Watch a world cup match

Can i check them out??
Let me check it out


Ronald - ரொனால்டு said...

I wish, you acheive all you want this year.... God Bless...

Vijay said...

thanks ronald

AbhiDilliwal said...

Put on 5 kilos take from me buddy the same i wanna do but lil opposite

Vijay said...

no no i wont take it from you..i need muscles :-)..

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