The Bucket List #11 - Cook A Meal

                               My first try at cooking ...

Menu: Rice,Sambar and Carrot dish

And so two of my bucket list of 2011 are to be ticked today.One as obvious from the above video is
'Cook a Meal'  and the other which happened accidentally is 'Make a short video'.This is my first amateur video, so please disable critical mode while viewing it.

And so, my updated bucket list of 2011:-

See the Taj Mahal
Write atleast one chapter of my novel
Develop a software tool
Visit the United States of America
Develop six packs
Start rebuilding our family house
Have a conversation in hindi
Put on 5 kilos
Make a short video
Play a T20 or a T10 game
Cook a meal
See my close friend Richard achieve his dream
Create a painting
Learn guitar
Learn swimming
Watch a world cup match

14 more there


Narsi said...

Sweet. :)

Vijay said...

sapdumaleye sweetnu sollita :-)

Premnath said...

Six packs ?? U mean karate kid style ??

Vijay said...

karate kid style??U should believe that i had six packs once :-) I can privately share you the photos :)

Shouvik Basu said...

where's the superlike button ?

Vijay said...

ll add it in my next blog....

AbhiDilliwal said...

make a software tool thats in process... right? and btw after disabling the critic mode as u mentioned the video is good ;)

Vijay said...

yes dude u r right :-).thanks dude for disabling critic mode ..

partha said...


Vijay said...

thanks :-)