Hostel - Naga Nanban Nokching

Some day in 2007:

    I enter his room,the cornermost room in second block of our hostel.That it is nearby the toilet makes it even more cornered.'Eat' he demanded unwrapping two plastic covers of chicken briyani.One chicken briyani would suffice my appetite an entire day.Here i am,looking at two chicken briyani parcels contemplating the possibility of finishing them.He had decided to give me treat and since he is an extremely different character his treat is extremely different too.The atmosphere of my dinner place is fantastic, each and every object in his room neatly disorganised.A knife lies on his table(There is a rumor that he uses it to cut squirrels for his meal).A small coke bottle half filled lies in a corner.I am thirsty and before asking for drink i enquire what it is ,since its colour is very familiar, yet not noticeable among the cool drink family.It is nowhere near any drink's family too.For saving time and energy he uses the bottle as mini toilet during nights.Yikes!.I quickly gulped the two chicken briyani's and left the room having experienced the strangest treat i have ever had.


Some other day in 2007:

          I look at her eyes and see little droplets waiting to gush out.She is scared.Being the faculty of our department and crying before her class representative(myself) and her notorious student(my friend who gave the treat) would mean so mean.And so she asks me to take him out of the room.He is standing to my left, furious with anger,angry because my faculty had asked him reason for his poor attendance.It is a reasonable question by all standards on part of a faculty but by his standards it doesnt make any sense.He argues and shouts as if he had been cheated cheeply.And he is so filled with fury that my otherwise strong strict faculty is about to allow droplets of tear to leave her eyes without her permission.


Some day in 2008-Post college:

             I am getting ready for training ,a two phase training organised by MyCompany to prepare us for the professional life ahead.I put on my formal shirt,tie my tie feeling perfect with the imperfect knot and wear my formal shoes and socks.As a perfect professional package i get ready to be imported into training centre.An anonymous call delays my import.

'What are you doing?' he yells not respecting the word 'Hello'.

'I am getting ready to my training centre.We are in bhubaneshwar,Orissa'.

The very word 'Orissa' stimulated the humor part of his brain drastically.He laughed mockingly as if i am in Uganda.

'What is obed doing?', he inquired about his fellow state-mate, another good friend of mine

'He is also with me'

'He he he he he he ..' he again laughs mockingly

And then having got the information he finished the conversation


Almost everyday,2005-2008:

     He comes to my room carrying his book.At times he rushes straight to my bed and lies facing chest down ,chewing pan and playing snake game in my 1100 mobile.He then opens his book,selects a paragraph and asks me to explain.He wouldnt understand.Either he needs the satisfaction of having asked me something or may be a relief from the monotony of bunking his head into books 24 by 7 .I explain him something which just sounds good.Pan gushes out of his face and draws art on my face at times.He wouldnt apologize.He wouldnt mind.



            He is still going to college to clear his arrears.He is a character of his own,king of his own world.And i love him


Nockching Loumo is his name
Nachimuthu we call him fondly


Nokching's Friend


Narasimhan said...

The post made me smile. pray he does not read this. Your leg will be in his Biriyani then.

I was there when he called you.I LOLed when I red that . Nice moment. Genuine writing. Nostalgia.

vijay said...

@simma: if he reads this probably i will be in his kari kulambu :-)
still he is a nice strange friend..i love him :-)

Naveen Mani said...

Nice post da.. Evlo Ushara Kadasila Vijay, Noching's Friend nu potrukka.. He was the undisputed king for sure..

Premnath said...

Clean writing.. Chased him from college ground till hostel for a snap, he says " Ith is very hoth" ..

He Has His Own Rules.. Real DON.. You are lucky enough to witness that happen ..

Logesh said...

I remember how he reacted when i took that snap that u posted [:)] Real DON of GCT

just remembered , prabhu was explaining some concept to him for 15 min . after he finished our DON told " u dont know any thing " and he grabbed his book and went .

vijay said...

@naveen : nokching friendle athan ushara irukiren :-)thanks da

@prem : thanks da :-) lucky that i was close to him :-) he is really funny but good

@logesh : LOL ..he just reacts to his instincts ..that was a honest reaction :-)

Parameshwar Ramanan said...

Good post on a great character! In final yr, he always used to come and demand my DIP lab note for copying programs!!

During this IQ 10, he met me on the road side. I asked him to come to function. He replied "No man... thoo busy.. thoo busy.."

Terror-aana Kozhandhappa Avaru!!

Arun Bhaud said...

Good one!

vijay said...

@paramesh :Thanks for sharing ur experience :-)He is indeed a child :)
@arun :thanks buddy :-)


Your post reminds me of our DON Nokching Loumo,a great mind of GCT. Great Post!!!

vijay said...

@rojesh:Thanks buddy:-)