Tour de Goa

Duration:3 days
Members:Hari,Vallal,Partha,Karthik,Arun and Myself
Driver:Khan(He is not a terrorist)
February 26,2010

          I leave office early to meet my friends at Thane.We are all set to visit Goa not with any intention of dating a foreign tourist(atleast this is true with me) but with the intention of having some fun.Karthik had booked a Qwalis car for the six of us which has two seats in the front and middle, facing frontside, and two in the back, facing each other.We put our luggages on the back seats.Hari and Partha use them as cushion and break all snacks bought for the trip.And here we start our trip....

En route:
           "So gaya ..yeh jahan...So gaya gayeeeeee......" so plays Khan's favourite song.It draws everyone to sleep yet he keeps playing it again and again.Night passes away as we pass the hairpin bends of mahabaleshwar hills..

              As earth starts one more rotation ,we wake up.The roads are clear with trees on both sides of the road  handshaking with their branches ,forming a dome  and welcoming us.I decide to sleep on the back seat and with the hairpin bends and Qwalis shakes, my stomach decide to put some stuff out.I vomit.With little energy in my body i remain shut down for most of the travel time.Karthick had done a lot of homework and takes out his xerox copies of Goa map (around six of them) for North Goa,South Goa and Goa altogether.He also has a sheet of paper with notes he had googled about the places to visit.Kudos to his homework and preparation we visited enough places during our three day trip.Technology played a big role in our trip with Karthick's Samsung Pro Corby mobile's GPS system indicating our location and directing our routes all along the trip.Arun with his knowledge,experience and hindi guides the driver all through the trip and along with karthick makes sure he doesnt sleep during night drives even though he would continue to play 'So gaya ...yeh jahan..."

Day 1:

 Arombal Beach,Calangute Beach,Anjana Beach and Saturday Night Bazaar:
           Goa = Bikini is true for Arombal beach.Its a treat for BOYS.Foreign tourists take sun bath to tan their skin exposing as much skin as they can.
          We take bath and start for lunch to Calangute Beach.With hunger on first priority we get into a hotel by the beach side.It is very hot and we are all tired waiting for our orders.A gang nearby (to my back) are all drunk and flirting.The words they exchanged are to be sensored to keep myself decent.After having lunch karthick proposes for water sports which includes a 3-in-1 package: Para gliding (Flying in parachute over the sea!!), Water bike ride and banana ride(the boat looks like a banana with holes on the top for riders).It is too hot and we all decide to come the next day for the same.From there we start to Anjana beach.It is late dawn.Stars and moon had started decorating the sky.We lay down on the sands watching the sky.I was lying nearby Hari.He sincerely and severly comments on my body and my weakness .I get hurt and two days later i shoot him ,with his tongue piercing out of his mouth, as my bullet pierced his head.

          Finally we head on to Saturday Night Bazaar.I loose myself as we enter into the market.People from all over the world fill the market.It is too crowded.

"You Russians think India is cheap.That is why you are wondering at the cost" so shouts a shop keeper at a Russian tourist at his bargaining.

"Is my friend from Rome" another shopkeeper inquires a foreigner passing by."No I am from ##$?? (I didnt get his pronunciation)" replies the foreigner.

Most of the foreigners are very tall and slim (particularly women) with perfect skin color and figure.They look like avatars and i stare at them with awe.A few have whitish rose skin, a few others whitish brown,few pure white,few have very round faces,one couple looks very short,one guy very fat.Their attire match their personality.They seem to adorn their body with utmost care.Most of the shop keepers are foreigners themself.In one shop there is hardly ten shoes and ten socks and two foreign girls are demonstrating and selling them.I look more at the people than at the shops.God's creatvity is enthralling.My trip to goa would be worth for this one night alone

Day 2:

  Palolem beach,Tree top and Colva beach:
         Organiser karthick comes to our room and wakes us up.I go to sleep as soon as he leaves.Finally we get ready ,have complimentary breakfast provided by the lodge we were staying and head on to Palolem beach.Here we have fun at beach playing frisbee (the flat plastic plate which swings around and almost comes back at you).I enjoy the waves, the milder one tilting my body up and down, the stronger for which i prepare myself,turn back and make a jump  as soon as the wave crosses my body.We all have fun cracking jokes and throwing frisbee.Karthick and Arun take oil massage.After having bath myself and Partha walk on the beach side admiring nature of all sort when i smile at a foreign kid sliding along the waves towards the shore.He replies "Hellooww".It is sweeter than AR Rahman's 'hellow' in Hosanna song.

        Next we head on to a sanctuary.We travel in wrong directions even after being guided by a pair of foreign visitors.GPS is not handy here.Finally we reach Tree Top, a small wooden closlet on a tall tree.It is not worth the travel we had done.We take photos,crack jokes,Driver Khan lifts me upside down and calls me Vijay Dhinananth Chauhan(same nick name!)

     Finally we head on to Colva beach to see sunset.It is already late and wondered if we would catch it.As we finally reach the seashore, the sun was waiting for us to show its face last time for the day.Clouds gather in and take her away ,like soldiers taking the Queen away from the Prince.But we are more excited about water sports.We had planned this in Calangute beach but finally decide to do it here.Hari and Partha,Arun and Vallal,Myself and Karthick pair together.As the parachute tied to a water boat gains height, it feels amazing, everything looks small,we circle the sea like an aircraft preparing to land near the sea shore.Karthick and myself sing 'Atho antha paravai pola vala vendum.Itho intha alaigal pola ???(forgot lyrics)..Ore vanile ore mannile...".As we are about to land ,visitors on the sea shore begin running as if we are firing an attack on them.We land safely.Hari and Partha had added more weight to the parachute with the rider complaining their weight to them.With no gap in time we are moved on to the water bike.I sit before Partha holding on to his water jacket.The rider comes in, pushes me aside,sits in the middle and starts riding.It is late in the evening and thanks to the moon the tide is high.We dash against the waves and slid along the sea stylishly.As we land, both of us drop in water like fish dropping from net.Then we move on to the boat ride which is relatively not exciting.

                 From Colva we head on to Panaji and have our dinner.That night we reach our house early.As myself and partha prepare for sleep, Hari,Vallal and Arun go to Baga beach (nearby our residence) and have fun.I have a good  serious chat with Partha that night, followed by a good sleep
Day 3:
         Aguada fort,St Xaviers Church and Doa Paula beach:

             I had visited all the places we visited on Day 3 during my college trip.First was Aguada Fort where we have photo sessions and i buy a cowboy hat.We have a hearty lunch,visit a temple nearby and then head on to St.Xaviers Church.As we reach the Church,Hari,Vallal and Partha apply tattoos on their hands.We get inside the church.I pray after a very long time.As i see through the statues and drawings inside the church i get reminded of my catechism classes.Finally for the end of the day we visit Dona Poula beach.Here again we take photos and karthick buys t-shirts.

               As dawn closes in my team mate calls me and inquires if i would come to office the next day.I give a positive affirmation.Finally we get on the car,start exchanging jokes and leave Goa
               "So gaya ...yeh gaya gayeee" so plays Mr.Khan's music player...

Members:The same plus Memories of Goa


partha said...

Nice read.... u are totally diff person when u write ur blog and i 'm ur fan

Sri said...

thanks making a diary for goa trip. I love small jokes and the way u wrote that. u have prakasamana ethirgalam (tube lite illa).. unga kitta innum neraya ethirpaakrom.. enjoy ur life, keep smiling, stop all ur daemon process and come to reality.. ungalukaga thoppiya kalatren (hats off)..

vijay said...

@partha:thanks partha..wat do u mean totally different...we will speak in person :-)

@hari:nantri nantri..enna daemon process solreenga???come to reality???

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Cornell said...

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