Muje Hindi Nahi Malum

                 'Oracle Aatha?' ,my ex-project account manager asked me on my first day of project.I blinked.My mother tongue says 'Aatha' means mother in slang.Oracle would be a very odd name for his mother to carry with..'Oracle Aatha?' he asked again this time his eyes questioning more than his mouth."Are you asking if i know oracle?'.His eyes nodded
Hindi was mysterious
                 Travelling in mumbai is a nightmare.Travelling alone is a daymare.Waiting in queue for a bus is a discovery i made in mumbai.It was during my initial days..I asked a bus driver/conductor if a particular bus would go to borivelli.My finger seemed to have pointed exactly at the name board of the bus.He got furious and poured  his morning-to-evening tension on me
Hindi was painful
                 'Signal pe utharna?' (Do you want to get down at signal?), a cute kindergarten kid asked me as i was restlessly travelling on a bus waiting for my stop.His honey voice mixed with his pure innocence stirred my soul
Hindi was so sweet
                  'Vijay Dhinananth Chauhan' my ex-project team mate,the security gaurd in my current project,my ex-module lead of current project all called me independently by this name.Amitabh Bachan seemed to have played a role in a hindi movie by this name and hence Vijay became Vijay Dhinanath Chauhan.
Hindi was cool
                   Had a project meating few days back.The things i did in the meeting :Stare,Blink,Hear(Not listen!),React and Reply.I asked them to speak in English but it succeeded only for two minutes.I was totally ignored then.This is not the first time though
Hindi was alienating
                 People in the business world would do anything for marketing their product.I was shopping in a bazaar when a girl started marketing to me about a product in Hindi.I listened her carefully trying to learn hindi but couldnt really comprehend much.At the end of her lecture, i said "Sorry i dont know hindi!". She gave a dirty look and continued her marketing in English
Hindi was embarrassing
                'Rakesh Sharma Vishvakumar' ,a Uttar pradesh guy with whom i chatted for more than half an hour  during a bus travel with him not knowing English and myself not knowing Hindi and no language common between both of us.He gave his friends number and asked me to call that number to initmate him when i reached home.I had lost track of my home and he had helped me.As soon as i reached home i called to the number.Both of us said "Hello".Then he conversed in Hindi which i couldnt comprehend.I spoke in English which he couldnt understand.And so we remained silent for some time increasing the profit of my mobile service provider without satisfying the purpose.Finally we bid good bye with 'Hello' and 'Bye' the only mutual words exchanged
Hindi was adventurous

A few years back:
               "Why don't you learn hindi instead of wasting your time watching TV?" my summer holidays during school days always began with these words from my mother.That was not an attractive crap to do during summer holidays and so i continued watching TV.Now i ask myself "Why didnt i learn Hindi instead of wasting my time watching TV?".It could have indeed been a good crap

A few decades back:
                 Agitation spreads throughout Tamil nadu during the 1960's for imposition of Hindi as a common language.Tamil politicians, feared of loosing Tamils identity and our language's decline, protested hard.Hindi failed to Tamil.English succeeded as the common language to be used across the country.No school taught Hindi in Tamilnadu as a compulsory language.Hindi was frowned and Tamilnadu is the only state in India whose people dont know hindi.When told 'Hindi is spoken by majority of the population and hence it should be made the common language' one of our politicians sarcastically replied 'There are more rats than tigers in our nation;more crows than peacocks; then why tiger and peacock are our national symbols??".
Witty indeed!
So should i learn Hindi?

               Arrey Chodutho yaar!!!


Parameshwar Ramanan said...

Good Post!
Liked the way of narration!!

vijay said...

Hi paramesh,
Thanks frnd!!

sundar said...

good read......having worked with a tamilian as my module lead, i have since come to know how difficult it is to survive in mumbai without knowing hindi....but u know wat....try reading the expressions of the person in front of you and that might help...not always though but most of the times..also try learning hindi..its not that difficult a language :D......

vijay said...

hi sundar thanks for ur comments..m trying to learn..most often i get what the other person says thru expressions only :-)

Suraj said...

Don't worry dude.You are on the greener side of the fence. Non-tamilians feel much more alienated in Tamil Nadu than u do here.

vijay said...

hi suraj..i accept fact i have begun to like mumbai....

Puchipandi said...

dai vijay summa kalakura da.....

vijay said...

@Puchipandi:Thanks da :-)