The Lost World - Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam

Not a single day went without laughter
Not a single day went without mokkai
Not a single day was lonely
Not a single day looked like 24 hours
And more than that,
Not a single day we were professionals!

It is THE LOST WORLD - our college days.When i write this now, tears ask my permission to come out but i deny it. The six on one plate - meals at mess,meaningless mokkais, Valli and MS bakery hangouts, night shows, functions, trips,ottals,midnight birthday kondattams were all pure fun. A fun we would never get back yet will keep lingering on our thoughts whenever our busy lives pave a little way for looking back.You dont have to be talented, dont have to be smart, dont have to be gifted , dont have to be a jovial personality, dont have to have anything, college fun is like the monsoons , it rains on everyone without partiality.Looking back on a few memories injects some bliss in my heart and i am spraying a few drops on my blog.Never feeling comfortable in a group, i was part of a prestigious group of our batch.
VVS - Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam

Lead by the smart looking 'Naveen '(sorry thala peru sonnathuku),our sangam grew with zero funds and pure mokkai as investment.'Goyyayi' (after the popular fruit guava) is our thalaivar's chella peru.The name has a history of its own which i wouldnt dig into.Other members were:

Sangathin olivilaku - Bala (since his nick name is tube light)
Sangathin thunai thalaivar- Rangasamy
Sangathin Kolgai parapu seyalalar (KOPASE)- Prem
Sangathin kankanipalar -Annur Senthil
Sangathin Rowdy - Logeshwaran (for his threatening body)
Sangathin thunai rowdy - Myself (i was promoted to this because of my six packs!)
Sangathin treasurer - Prabu (who always maintained the funds in negative)
And few others....

We always went together behind our thala.We were so devoted and loyal to our thala that when he didn attend our annual sangam meeting due to his busy schedule , we paid respect to him before his seat :

We went for outings with our thala .One such trip was to Yercaud near our thunai thalaivar's native place.We stayed in our thunai thalaivar's palace the previous night(his palace has a temple inside for their family's worship alone!).Our thunai thalaivar took us to yercaud in his car ,himself driving the car.During this visit we formed "Tower of VVS" as shown below:

Our sangam never had funds to support itself and here too it is supported by non member Mr.Bharathi ,the critic of our batch.If you gather all the words spoken by him and do a count of each word "enna da ithu Kevalama iruku" will top the list with high frequency.Our thala is catching his collars asking for funds i hope.
Though our sangam had no funds to support itself ,it could support and lift any problem.Illustration:

Kolgai parappu seyalalar 'Prem' did his very best to spread our sangam's principles and ideals.'Sangame abarathathule than oduthu' is one such message he would always spread.Olivilaku added humor to our sangam with his bright tube light performances.Kankanipalar always kept sangam under his eyes.
Thunai thalaivar was given the task of saving sangam's manam mariyathai.And probably because of that he shaved off my moustache twice so that 'Keela vilunthalum meesaila man ottathula!' .He stood rock solid supporting our sangam throught its ups and downs:
As rowdies, me and logeshwaran had to hold our sangam on our hands and gaurd it but thala decided to hold us up (Thala pola varuma!):
Though i was relatively reserved and shy my sangam was always around me
Come on guys! lets have tea at Valli bakery.....


Premnath said...

Nice to see the good old pics... Those were really the best days..

vijay said...

yes da...miss them a lot...

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