A short nap in the afternoon is always refreshing.So was it on that particular afternoon.After having had a refreshing nap i sneaked into my friend's room.A laptop was half open.Some film had been paused.I heard bathing sound beside.The atmosphere was eerie.Ashok was working in another laptop as if nothing had happened.I was wondering what had happened..Sharafat has got chickenpox!As soon as he realised a white water bubble on his stomach he had rushed to go home.This man had been sending off all those who were affected by chickenpox and this time it was chickenpox itself which was sending him off....And that day was the begining of our close association with chickenpox.It was our constant companion....
"Athellan oru kaalanga!" a favourite dialogue of one of my notorious colleague.His boyish look and strange speech made him quite popular among our colleagues."Chicken pox lam engaluku salpi matteru..naanga jolly ah ilana neeru(coconut water) kudichitu chickenpox ke thanni kattuvom!" he quoted when we were chatting about chicken pox.Mr.Chicken pox liked his casual cool courage and gave a friendly hug!He is drinking ilana neeru now in his home town.Later we came to know that he was quite notorious in his college too.We will never forget him.Athellan oru kaalanga!...
Madurai stood like a iron man sending off seven victims of chicken pox home.He had more visits to airport than any other VIP in orissa.(And how can madurai send some one home?..Well madurai is the nickname of one of my friends!).Why didnt chicken pox give him a friendly hug! Because it had already hugged him!It feels quite shy to give a second hug, though it did it to the guy i mentioned before.
3*2*3 was the instruction given to us by TCS along with a small bottle with homeopathy drink.3 times a day 2 drops for 3 days.My room mate had even more drops to scare chickenpox.It tasted like a popular brand of whine quoted one of my collegemate(Kudigara pavi!).Whatsoever i had only once a day for three days and didnt mind to have then.
My room mates decorated my room with veppalai leaves and also spread them in their beds, again to scare chicken pox.I wasn't scared of chickenpox as much as i did to the eerie atmosphere.Who knows still it could be waiting by my door for another hug!


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